Cap Engineering offers you thermal and mechanical design for your heat exchanger

Thermal design

  • Cooling/heating tanks: BatchTank®
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger: HTRI Xchanger suite®, Xist
  • Welded plate heat exchangers: CapBloc®, CapBox®
  • Gasketted plate heat exchanger: PHECAL®

Mechanical design

  • Cubic shape: CapCub®
  • Shell and tube, pressure vessels PV Elite
  • According to ASME, EN13445

Our ambition: to guarantee the best economical solution for the best efficiency

As HTRI members, our engineers participate yearly on training sessions to improve their soft practice and strengthen their theoretical knowledge

  • Use of VMG databank, simulation of mixture
  • Vibration analysis
  • Condenser, top column, mixed gas
  • Kettle @ thermosiphon reboilers

While being sophisticated, the usual thermal design soft does not provide an optimized and safe mechanical design...

Cap Engineering has decided to get as complementary tools:

  • PV Elite to drive the mechanical design of the shell and tube heat exchanger according to ASME or EN13445 codes.
  • In-house tools developed from Roarks formulas to secure design of the cubic bloc technologies.